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Professional "Splash" Standalone webpage starting at $399

We provide a range of packages tailored to diverse clients, including individuals, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and established businesses. Our solutions of a standalone web page offer a simple yet effective way to share your narrative with the world in just one swipe down. We specialize in crafting beautiful, interactive websites that not only enhance your online presence but also help you connect with and expand your audience. Additionally, this accessibility makes it convenient for your customers to explore and learn more about your offerings.

Why have a standalone webpage? 

Not every professionals or businesses need a multiple webpages to help promote or tell their stories. Standalone page is an effective method for promoting or offering goods where it provides dedicated space to highlight key details where it encourages user engagement while navigation is simple without the need to go through multiple pages. The benefits of “Splash” standalone webpage:

  • Focused Message
  • Targeted Audience
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Specific Call to Action
  • Quick Deployment

Our extensive collection spans various categories to ensure we have the right template for every purpose. Below are some examples of our work in different industries:

“Jorge's team helped me to design my website. Throughout the process, they were very professional, informative, and supportive. Also, the communication was excellent, informing me about the steps and exactly what we need to do to accomplish my goals. They addressed all my questions and customized my needs. They went the extra mile to help me with other Inquires like set up business email accounts etc. I highly recommend Jorge and the 149 website team for the services that they provide..”
Danilo Stefanelli
4D Soccer CEO

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